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​“We will systematically implement this course into all of our conversations….not just those that revolve around accounts receivable.”

I found this course helpful not only professionally, but personally as well. Being able to transition a conversation from hostile to trusting is a great skill to have.”

As a collector, you handle challenging calls with consumers every day, and I know firsthand how detrimental the stress can be.


The good news is, The Communication Code for Collectors is a fast pass to transformed communication that gives you the reigns to navigate those seemingly impossible consumer stalls and objections. Gone are the days of losing sleep over the daily stressful phone calls. Say hello to empathetic communication that converts.

  • Learn how the nervous system controls the adverse reactions you and consumers experience on collection calls

  • Immerse yourself in my concrete, tangible, and real-life storytelling to easily relate the concepts you learn to your everyday collection practices

  • Develop an understanding of communication “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to streamline your conversations with consumers

  • Learn to codify the words you speak to develop a series of scripts that can map out even the most challenging calls

  • Gain communication skills that will reach beyond your consumer conversations and will bleed into your personal and professional relationships

"I was very impressed with the Mary Shores Communication Code for Collectors training! I did not expect to be shown so many positive ways in handling collections - and people in general. This is a course that could benefit anyone in any aspect of business and life in general. I definitely recommend it!"

The Communication Code for Collectors


I have spent the past 15 years studying the neuroscience behind communication and conducting empathy-based experiments in my own debt collection agency.


Now, I’m offering you the solutions to the everyday pain points on your collection calls...

Does this sound like you?

  • If you frequently find yourself asking “What do I say when…?”,

    my 3-step Communication Code will guide your responses and empower you to address stalls and objections without triggering those stressful, negative reactions from consumers.

  • If you often find yourself in the passenger seat while the consumer drives the conversation,

    the course will boost your confidence and teach you to skip the “philosophical debates” with consumers by giving you actionable tips to keep the call going in a streamlined direction—a direction that YOU control.

  • If you want a uniform way to handle everyday pain points effectively,

    using the course’s supplemental scripting materials will allow you to pre-script the most challenging stalls and objections you come across so you can use the Code on every call with every consumer until connection, empathy, and solution-driven communication become second nature.

If so, then you are not alone... which is exactly why I want to help!

You’ve likely seen webinars and read articles about empathy in collections.

As the collections paradigm has shifted in recent years, you’ve possibly tried to be more empathetic on collection, implementing the small bits of information you’ve learned here and there on your calls. So…let’s expedite the process!


I wholeheartedly believe that in the coming years, empathy will be the standard in all industries, especially accounts receivables management. Agency owners will expect it. Clients will expect it. The general public will expect it. And consumers will expect it.


So, even if you’ve started your journey of implementing empathy in collections, you probably still stumble when you reach certain roadblocks, unsure how to get to that desired solution. My students tell me all the time that my Communication Code is like the missing link between struggling to sprinkle empathy into collection calls and knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to remain empathetic, build connections, and reach solutions.

The empathy revolution is here to stay. As world-famous investor Cathie Wood says, “Make sure you’re on the right side of change.” The great news is, the Communication Code is your roadmap; the time is now to start your journey.

“Thank you, Mary Shores, for giving us all the tools to be the best collectors we can be!”​

“I’m way more confident on the phone. And I know this is a proven strategy, and it works!”

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • LESSON 1
    Nervous System: Friend or Frenemy?

    We know the consumers we speak to can be irritable, angry, hostile, or aggressive. It’s human nature to mirror those reactions, which usually ends in a hang up (flight) or an argument (fight). Discover the magic of understanding the HOW and the WHY behind these negative reactions. (Spoiler alert: It all begins in the nervous system)

  • LESSON 2
    The Do-Not-Say List

    Words are powerful. While their power can have a positive impact, we often use the power negatively without even realizing it. Unlock the neuroscience behind negative language, and learn how you can eliminate the 6 negative words on my Do-Not-Say List right away to make a huge impact on your collection calls.

  • LESSON 3
    Validation is Non-Negotiable

    By this lesson, you’ll know what NOT to say…now you need to know what you CAN say to move the call toward a solution. It all begins with step one of my 3-step Communication Code: Validation. Learn how to meet a consumer’s emotional needs seamlessly with this quick and easy step.

  • LESSON 4
    Plant a Seed of Happiness

    Step two of the Communication Code is so simple that you may think it’s too good to be true (it’s not!). In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the seed of happiness—just a few short words to bridge the validation statement toward the solution. Pro Tip: Pay close attention to this lesson! This step will skyrocket your communication from good to great.

  • LESSON 5
    Action Statement

    We all love effective solutions, especially when the consumer loves them too! In this lesson, you’ll learn the last step of the Communication Code—the action statement—which will strengthen your critical thinking muscles and turn you into an idea machine. Learn how to come up with amazing solutions that you’ve never even considered before. Your consumers will thank you (and the bottom line will too!). 

Have I convinced you yet?

“Mary’s attention to mindset and focusing on the importance of internal personal energy/frequency is paramount to being mentally prepared to discuss the topic of ‘money.’”

“I am enjoying the challenge of picking the approach [to speak to consumers] with more life and positivity.”​

The Communication Code for Collectors


The most effective individual training program for ambitious collectors will up-level your communication, transform your scripting, solidify your consistency, and increase your collections!


Here’s What You’ll Get

Inside The Communication Code for Collectors

When You Sign Up Today…


The Communication Code for Collectors aims to increase your collections, decrease your complaints, and implement strategic communication strategies like you’ve never seen never before. The truth is, I know these goals would be nearly impossible to achieve just by watching a series of videos. That’s why The Communication Code for Collectors offers so much more to make sure the information you learn really sticks.

When you sign up today, you’ll have instant access to…

  • 8 engaging videos with concrete examples embedded inside so the auditory learner can excel as they listen

  • Complete transcriptions to help the visual learner stay engaged and follow along during each lesson

  • A Pro-Tip Guide PDF you can download, save, and print to keep on your desk as you apply the concepts to your everyday calls

  • 3 fillable PDF challenge worksheets that will give you step-by-step instructions to practice everything you’ve learned right away (the best part is, you can complete these challenges while on the phone!)

  • A valuable BONUS guide with coded scripting for 10+ frequent scenarios you and other collectors often face

  • An eye-catching official certificate of completion that you can easily fill out, print, and proudly display once you complete the course

“Thank you very much Mary Shores, your contribution is very much appreciated - the 5 Principle Pro-Tip guide is now on our office wall as reminder to all and a print out of each scenario to utilize each day, as in this business at one of the scenarios will have to be addressed. Thank you Thank you Thank you."


That's a $300 value!

The good news is, because I’m passionate about creating an empathy revolution in the industry one call at a time, you can enroll today for only…


What’s the return on investment? You’ll access a communication strategy that will transform your professional and personal relationships. You’ll gain tools to help you write high-converting scripting. And, you’ll be a part of the empathy revolution that’s quickly approaching our industry.


Are you in?

The Communication Code for Collectors

The Crossroads of Collections and Empathetic Communication

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