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"Mary Shores has provided great inside information about psychological and emotional stages that customers are going through!"

“I really did enjoy this course and it was a great experience. I have learned new skills I will use in the future and would definitely recommend the course to others.”

This isn’t your typical customer service training. This isn’t a course with strict policies and procedures you have to follow.


This isn’t a course that will make you stiff or robotic when you speak to customers and clients. I’m here to tell you a secret: Those aren’t the ingredients for successful customer service. The REAL ingredients are communication, connection, and empathy. And that’s what this course has whipped up to serve to you.

  • Learn how emotional intelligence and customer service go hand-in-hand, and discover how you can boost your own emotional intelligence by simply understanding the customer experience

  • Engage easily with concrete, relatable storytelling about real-life customer service scenarios

  • Uncover a simple, step-by-step process to handle even the most challenging customer or client issues

  • Develop an understanding of how the power of neuroscience and communication can strengthen or revive even the most strained relationships with customers and clients

  • Become an expert at navigating stressful customer and client interactions and creating connection during a crisis

“The course was laid out really well with how the content was broken down into different lessons. Really easy to follow and having the option to listen to the recording whilst being able to follow the text made it much easier to grasp and digest.”​

The Communication Code for Customer Service


I have spent the past 15 years studying the neuroscience behind communication and traveling the United States to teach professionals in several industries how to communicate to create connection.


Now, I’m offering you the keys to unlock the solutions to your everyday pain points with customers and clients.

Does this sound like you?

  • If you’ve had sleepless nights after stressful interactions with hostile customers or clients… the course will ignite your confidence by giving you step-by-step de-escalation tools that will transform your conversations from challenging to intuitive.

  • If you struggle to stay in control of conversations with customers and clients… the Communication Code for Customer Service gives you the reigns (and the confidence!) to navigate from the start of the conversation (the problem) to the end (the solution).

  • If you see the same customer or client issues popping up over and over, but you can’t seem to find the right solution to keep the customer or client happy… the pre-scripting materials in the course will provide valuable exercises to help you solve problems BEFORE you’re face-to-face or on the phone with a customer or client.

If so, then you are not alone... which is exactly why I want to help!

I wholeheartedly believe that in the coming years, empathy will be the standard in all industries, and customer service is no exception.


In fact, one study published by Motista shows that when customers feel their emotional needs are valued by a company, they will have 306% higher lifetime value and will recommend that brand 26% more than the average. And, according to the hostage negotiator Chris Voss, people are 6 times more likely to make a deal with someone they like. The stats speak for themselves; we’re in an evolving business landscape, and customer service representatives just like you have such an important role.


So, whether you work in retail, banking, IT support, or any other customer or client-facing role, the people you interact with will expect empathetic communication, if they don’t already. Your bosses will expect it. Clients and customers will expect it. And onlookers reading Google reviews and social media posts about your business will expect it as well.

Maybe you’ve already taken a deep dive into empathy at your job, and you still stumble at certain roadblocks, unsure how to be empathetic when a customer or client is feeling aggressive or hostile. My students tell me all the time that my Communication Code is like the missing link they needed to use empathy in every conversation with every customer or client. Their work has transformed because the Communication Code empowers them to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to remain empathetic, build connections, and reach solutions.

The empathy revolution is here to stay. As world-famous investor Cathie Wood says, “Make sure you’re on the right side of change.” The great news is, the Communication Code is your roadmap; the time is now to start your journey toward empathetic communication.

“The course has been very interesting and was easy to understand and to follow. I enjoyed learning communication skills as well as new perspectives about customer service and customers’ needs.”​

“I thought the Communication Code was extremely beneficial. It was enjoyable and allowed you to view the talking points or tips from any type of role that manages or supports individuals.”

Here’s What You’ll Learn
The Communication Code for Customer Service

  • LESSON 1
    Emotional Intelligence 101

    We’ve all had that customer or client who seemed impossible to deal with. Many of us have handled these customers with aggression or passivity. Neither of these methods work. What if I told you that understanding the HOW and the WHY behind negative customer reactions would be a game-changer? Well, it is, and that’s what this lesson is all about.

  • LESSON 2
    The Do-Not-Say List

    Negative words result in a negative outcome. Read that again. In this lesson, you’ll learn the devastating power negative words can have on conversations with customers and clients, and you’ll receive a list of just 6 words that you should avoid at all costs.

  • LESSON 3
    Validation is Non-Negotiable

    By this point, you’ll know what NOT to say to avoid disconnection. So…what CAN you say to promote connection? It all starts with step one of the Communication Code: Validation. This step is your ticket to meet the emotional needs of your customers and clients. Most students have their “Aha!” moment when they unpack this step because it just makes sense.

  • LESSON 4
    Plant a Seed of Happiness

    Step two of the Communication Code is so simple that you may think it’s too good to be true (it’s not!). In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the seed of happiness—just a few short words to bridge the validation statement toward the solution. Pro Tip: Pay close attention to this lesson! If you skip this step, you may struggle to make it to the next!

  • LESSON 5
    Action Statement

    We all love effective solutions, especially when the customer or client loves them too! In this lesson, you’ll learn the last step of the Communication Code—the action statement—which will strengthen your critical thinking muscles and turn you into an idea machine. Learn how to come up with amazing solutions you’ve never considered before. Your customers will thank you (and your boss will too!). 

    Communication During a Crisis

    Unprecedented crisis, whether a personal crisis or a global crisis, is unavoidable. That’s why we should be prepared to communicate with empathy during the best of times AND the worst of times. This FREE bonus lesson will teach you how to become a super connector and work effectively with customers and clients who are feeling anxious, scared, vulnerable, or all of the above.

Have I convinced you yet?

“Overall, I really did enjoy this course and it was a great experience. I have learned new skills I will use in the future and would definitely recommend the course to others.”​

“I found this course helpful not only professionally, but personally as well. Being able to transition a conversation from hostile to trusting is a great skill to have.”​

“Mary—Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this training. I took a lot of notes and will use them throughout my career. Being an idea machine and being able to reverse-engineer the problem is my main goal!”​

“I particularly liked the way the course took you on a journey, from understanding more about how the 'Fight or Flight' response works and impressing on 'How people will remember how you made them feel.’”​

The Communication Code for Customer Service


The most effective individual training program for ambitious professionals will up-level your communication, solidify your consistency, and decrease your customer complaints!

Here’s What You’ll Get

Inside The Communication Code for Customer Service

When you sign up today, you’ll have instant access to…

  • 6 engaging videos (plus, for a limited time, 1 BONUS video!) full of real-life, concrete examples that will immediately jumpstart your transformation

  • Complete video transcriptions to help the visual learner stay engaged and follow along during each lesson

  • My signature Pro-Tip Guide

    Print this handy PDF to keep on hand as you apply the concepts in everyday situations with customers and clients

  • 3 challenge worksheets

    These easy-to-use fillable PDF’s will give you step-by-step instructions to practice everything you’ve learned right away to make the information stick

  • Course Completion Certificate

    Print this eye-catching certificate and proudly display it near your workspace to always remember your new communication skills

“I appreciate the way that Mary humanizes the entire interaction [with the customer] from beginning to end.”​


That's a $300 value!

The good news is, because I’m passionate about promoting an empathy revolution one conversation at a time, you can enroll today for only…


What's the Return on Investment?

I’ve trained customer service representatives ranging from help desk employees to retail managers and everything in between, and what I’ve learned is that this stuff WORKS.


What sets apart GOOD customer service from GREAT customer service is a disconnect between communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. We often have most of these qualities, but we struggle to make them work together in harmony.


That’s why I want to help you close the gap and intertwine your already existing skill sets using simple (yet effective) communication strategies.

For 15 years, I put in the work. I studied the neuroscience of communication. I traveled the country to teach brilliant minds what I’ve learned. And now, in the digital age, I put together this comprehensive, intuitive course for YOU. You’re passionate about providing amazing customer service, and you’re looking for the next step to boost your skills.


And I have great news: You came to the right place.

The world is evolving toward an overwhelming expectation for empathetic communication, and I wholeheartedly believe an empathy revolution is coming. Sooner than later, your customers and clients will expect empathy and connection. Your boss will expect it. And the general public—your potential customers and clients—will expect it. You have an amazing opportunity to jumpstart your journey right now. It won’t take you 15 years like it took me. The Communication Code for Customer Service is your fast pass to become a master empathetic communicator almost instantly.


I’ve watched The Communication Code transform so many people, and you could be the next expert communicator. You have the ability to take your customer service skills to the next level for just $197…

Are you in?

The Communication Code for Customer Service

The Crossroads of Customer Service and Connection

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