"We've had record months in recoveries!"

"Communication is the absolute #1 skill set your business needs to succeed in the 21st century."


—Mary Shores

Are YOU Ready To Finally Invest In A Transformational Communication Program Custom-Made For

Debt Collectors?

Put an end to the escalated calls, consumer complaints, and lawsuits... and SAY HELLO to...

• Increased Revenue!

• More Consistency!

• And an Incredibly Happy Team!

The Collection Advantage is your one-stop shop for transformational communication strategies that will streamline your collection calls like never before. With a simple, 3-step communication process backed by neuroscience, you’ll be more equipped than ever to handle challenging conversations with consumers.

  • Learn lofty concepts easily with accessible language and concrete storytelling

  • Discover how to add empathy to your call flow without sacrificing the bottom line

  • Increase revenue through strategic and effective negotiation techniques

  • Develop an understanding of the consumer experience to embrace perspective-taking and deep listening techniques

  • Overcome the “fear of the freak-out” that increases your anxiety and decreases your collections​​

What Others Say

  • The Collection Advantage has already paid for itselfOur collections are up even more than we expected. Plus, the ramp-up time on new collectors is much quicker.


    The Collection Advantage has sped up the time it takes for new collectors to become profitable. That’s a big deal for us.

    Greg Nowicki, Partner at Capital Accounts

  • We didn't just purchase the Collection Advantage for our collectors - we purchased it for every employee within the company. Each employee has access to it as a communication tool to be utilized within their roles at CCM.


    It was really cool to see how individuals were using this course to help them grow professionally in their roles as well as in their daily tasks.

    Elyssa Klenotiz, Chief of Staff at Capital Collection Managment

  • The Collection Advantage had a positive impact on me and my performance immediately. It's not a 'going through the motions' type of thing—it will truly benefit you. 

    Mitch Malfitano, Collector at CCM

Skyrocket your revenue with twenty-first century collection techniques.

Uplevel critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and negotiation skills.

Here's What You'll Learn

The Collection Advantage

  • Milestone 1: Mastering Human Emotions

    Connection is currency. Read that again. Every conversation we have with every consumer relies on our ability to create a real human connection. And that starts with understanding human fears, feelings, needs, and reactions.

  • Milestone 2: The Communication Code

    It’s one thing to be told to collect with empathy. It’s another thing to have the step-by-step tools to showcase empathy on every call with every consumer. Learn my signature Do-Not-Say List to cut down on consumer triggers, and learn how to approach communication with empathy using the 3-step Communication Code.

  • Milestone 3: Navigating The 'No'

    As collectors, it’s essential to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to face consumer stalls and objections effectively. With pre-scripting tools, learn how to navigate even the most challenging calls, and become an idea machine with growing critical thinking skills.

  • Milestone 4: Payment Plans That Work

    Negotiation is undeniably difficult. Asking for payment in full or high payment arrangements can induce a deep fear of rejection in even the most seasoned collectors. With my signature negotiation strategy and tips, transition from fearing the word “no” to utilizing it to remain in control of the call.

  • Milestone 5: Forging The Path To The Agreement

    It’s time to amp up the professional development with a deep dive into the previously explored concepts. Find the connections between each milestone and complete the course as a communication expert.


  • Bonus Lesson: Debt Collection In A Crisis

    Crisis happens when we least expect it. Being prepared for the unexpected will make or break your collection practices. Learn how to become a super connector in the times consumers need humanity-plus business the most.

Have I convinced you yet?

I have spent the past 15 years studying the neuroscience behind communication and conducting empathy-based experiments in my own debt collection agency.


Now, I’m offering you the solutions to the everyday pain points on your collection calls...

Does this sound like you?

  • If you struggle to keep collection calls streamlined and on-track for a solution,

    my 3-step Communication Code is a simple and effective strategy to stay in control of the call from start to finish

  • If you ever feel ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty asking for money, 

    the course’s outline of consumer emotions and experiences will help ease your mind and strengthen your confidence 

  • If you’re not sure how de-escalate tense or aggressive calls,

    the course will provide a detailed roadmap to recovery, including techniques to identify and label consumer emotions to prompt emotional processing, to ensure you can handle any call with any consumer.

  • If you wrestle with chronically low payment arrangement attempts,

    my signature negotiation strategy will empower you to start negotiating from the top down by using your company’s guidelines as a tool instead of a hindrance. 

If so, then you are not alone... which is exactly why I want to help!

We've done the research. We've compiled the tools. Now it's your turn.

Are you ready to bring an empathy revolution to your collection calls? Purchase today and start seeing results!

Jarrod Turner

Portfolio Manager / Capital Collection Management

We've had record months in recoveries!

"We're outperforming our clients' recovery expectations the last two months on both our first-party team and on our third-party loan team, which is awesome. The CEO loves to go on those calls and see that, "Hey. We are expected to collect X. We performed at 123% on the third-party side, 111% on the first-party side." That's the new bar. That's the new bar that we're going to be chasing every single month."  

The Collection Advantage

The complete A-Z blueprint for creating and executing high-converting scripting that increases revenue, decreases complaints, and creates incredibly loyal teams!

9 Week Course

By putting these practices to work, you'll instantly start scaling your profits!

I've started referring to your program as a solution—results talk—it has helped us immensely!

—Greg Nowicki, Capital Accounts

Here's What You'll Get

Inside ​The Collection Advantage

When you sign up today

The Collection Advantage is more than a series of video lessons. It’s a tool for transformation.


When you sign up today, you’ll have instant access to…

  • A made-for-you syllabus to guide you through the program from start to finish

  • 19 videos chock-full of my 20+ years of industry expertise and 15 years of neuroscience research

  • 5 weekly roleplaying activities that empower you to practice what you’ve learned in real-time with real consumers

  • A 165-page, fully illustrated training manual for the visual learner, designed with colorful, eye-catching designs and pages reserved for notes, reflections, doodles, and ideas

  • 7 beautifully designed worksheets to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated

  • An official, eye-catching completion certificate you can print out and proudly display when you're finished with the course

  • Weekly tips in your inbox to keep the momentum going well after you finish the course

Why Wait?

I’ve been training collectors for over 15 years. I’ve taught these principles to multiple agencies and individuals. And I’ve continued to learn more about the neuroscience behind compassion to perfect the concepts I teach. Everything you need—every tip, trick, and resource you need to enhance your call flow—is in one convenient place, just waiting for you to use it.

So What?

What sets a good collector apart from a great collector is a lack of communication. Period. You may have amazing recoveries. You may be top-tier at calculating payment arrangements or negotiating. I’m here to tell you that if you add communication skills to the mix—especially communication skills that are backed by neuroscience—you’ll break your own collection records. You’ll impress your boss. You’ll engage with consumers like never before.


And that’s why I want to help. I have all of these resources packed inside The Collection Advantage, and I want to share them with you. I want to up-level your communication. I want to help you increase your revenue. I want to boost your confidence to handle challenging pain points.


I’ve done the work. I’ve listened to the challenges collectors share with me. I’ve spent years problem-solving each intricate issue my own collectors and other collectors face. I’ve spent hours on calls with other agency owners, listening to their pain points and helping them troubleshoot. And now I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned—over 15 years’ worth of dedication to making collections more intuitive—into the most comprehensive collections communications course on the market.

  • Gone are the sleepless nights after getting yelled at all day on the phone.

  • Gone are the fears of BBB complaints.

  • Gone are the seemingly constant escalated calls to supervisors.

"If you're considering this kind of program, I'd say it's beneficial to anyone who collects debt of any kind - not just debt collection agencies. It's invaluable for our entire organization because we've learned how to handle difficult situations and how to really understand one another."


Katie Keich, Chief Operating Officer at CCA-STR

The Collection Advantage is your communication lifeboat. Every single human being is capable of effective communication. The problem is that the way we’ve been conditioned to communicate is the opposite of what will work to create connection. As soon as you take my lessons and complete my challenges, you’ll feel empowered to take on those challenging calls you used to dread.



Because just like me and just like my other students, you’ll be the communication expert that can transform the industry one call at a time.


“Going through The Collection Advantage training has helped me become more structured as a collector. It has literally been a game changer for me. The training will give you an entirely different outlook on the way you view debt collecting. It allows you to have a more positive mindset towards collecting. It also sets you up to accomplish goals that you didn't think were possible before. ”

Lindsay Strzelecki

Collections Representative at CCA

“The course has made everything easier. The tougher situations that I have to deal with now have less of a negative impact on me. I think that The Collection Advantage has shifted everybody's mindset. I’ve definitely seen a positive change in the last couple of months since we started the training.”

Mitch Malfitano

Collector at Capital Collection Managment

The Collection Advantage

Where Connection is Currency.

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